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SEFG is a lifestyle brand teaching women the business of fashion and entrepreneurship.

SEFG serves a global community of women who love fashion. The group members support each other in building successful fashion businesses and careers, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My goal is to provide high quality fashion business and lifestyle content that will help you start your own fashion business or simply give you some ideas about growing your current business. The content will be both useful, engaging, and will add great value to your world of fashion.

Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design, and Fashion Entrepreneurship are the core areas of the SEFG curriculum.

My Story

I loved teaching face-to-face in the college classroom. Interacting with my students and discussing the business of fashion was very fulfilling. However, I needed more opportunity for growth than the University could offer. Nevertheless, I was blessed by that wonderful experience!

By starting my own fashion company I gave myself limitless opportunities to grow and expand. When I made the decision to control my own destiny, I went from Professor to President in a matter of days.

The fashion classes I taught for more than 15 years had an average class size of 10-15 students. SEFG has allowed me to share my knowledge, skills, and experiences with hundreds, thousands, or even millions (potentially) of fashion inspired women. In this global world where SEFG exist, the community is diverse in everyway possible.

I want women who love everything “fashion”, and looking for a non-traditional learning experience to join the group.

My dream is to connect women in a safe place where we can all learn and grow together in fashion. –So…that’s my story.

Professional Bio

About-PatriciaPatricia Young is the owner of Patricia Young Enterprises, Inc. (PYEI), doing business as, SouthEastern Fashion Group. PYEI is a woman owned enterprise that I created to feed my multi-passionate entrepreneurial spirit and do what I was born to do in the world.

Frankly, I am passionate about a number of things and most passionate about fashion and teaching. I’ve created a space where I can engage those interests in a positive way; satisfying my desire to do work that is fulfilling while earning a living, and serving my community and the world.

The first of PYEI’s initiatives is the SouthEastern Fashion Group (SEFG) a business that includes two of my favorite things, fashion and teaching. SEFG is a positive space where group members engage in the business of fashion. Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship are the core of the SEFG curriculum.

I have many years of experience in business ownership, the fashion industry (primarily at the retail level) and teaching fashion industry related courses at the colligate level. I’ve earned college degrees: Associates in Retail Merchandising, B.S. in Clothing, Textiles & Related Arts/Fashion Merchandising, M.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences/Apparel, Merchandising & Design, and the Juris Doctorate (law degree).

I really enjoy learning and have attended numerous conferences, seminars, and workshops. In fact my last course was a six-week online business program. This course gave me skills necessary to re-launch my SEFG initiative. Special Skills: Fashion Expert, Business Consultant, Public Speaker, Certified Fundraising Manager, and Fashion Retail Specialist: sales, marketing & management.


Become a Fashion Star: Create A Fashion Business & Lifestyle You Love!

Become a Fashion Star: Create A Fashion Business & Lifestyle You Love!