I Want To Work In Fashion!

I Want To Work In Fashion!

The Fashion Industry: A Great Place to Start Your Business or Career

Welcome to the SouthEastern Fashion Group (SEFG). Thank you for tuning in to today’s episode of SEFGTV. Let’s get started…

The Fashion Industry is multi-billion dollar industry with a plethora of entrepreneurial and career opportunities. Many industries are subject to downturns and dips in popularity, but this cannot readily be said about the fashion industry. Clothing is a basic need. We all wear clothes and accessories for work, fun and play, which mean there will always be a demand for new styles.

The fashion business is fast paced, exciting, and a global industry with business and career opportunities around the world. The fashion world is always looking for people like you to bring something new and interesting into the fashion mix. All you have to do now is figure out where you fit in. Do you want your own fashion business, or do you want a career working for a fashion company.

The world needs people with an eye for fashion. The fashion industry truly is a wonderful place to work, but where do you see yourself fitting in?

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit here are five fashion businesses to consider:

  • A Fashion Boutique
  • A Fashion Event Planning Business
  • A Fashion Marketing and Promotion Business
  • A Fashion Styling Business
  • A Fashion Design Business

If entrepreneurship is not your cup-of-tea, why not consider a career as:

  • A Trend Forecaster
  • A Fashion Buyer
  • Retail Store Manager
  • A Visual Merchandiser
  • A Fashion Manufacturer’s Representative

If you are not sure where to start or what kind of fashion business or career may be suitable for you, let’s start with 10 tips that will help you start on your journey:

  1. Become clear on what it is you want. Be committed and work hard.
  2. Be consistent. Show up every time and do the job right every time.
  3. Educate yourself. Learn as much as you can.
  4. Social media is great! Use it build a glowing personal brand and image.
  5. Be creative. Develop and execute new ideas.
  6. Live in the moment and stay excited about your work.
  7. Have a great work ethic. Be tenacious!
  8. Be likeable. A great personality goes a long way.
  9. Go above and beyond what’s expected.
  10. When you walk into a room, shine like the star you are. Confidence is key.

If you have keen eye for fashion and a willingness to learn and take action, you can have the fashion business or fashion career and lifestyle you simply love. The SouthEastern Fashion Group is where your journey should begin.

Tune in next week for our “Deep Dive Wednesday” when we dive into fashion business specifics that will get you on your way to the fashion business or career you love.

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Become a Fashion Star: Create A Fashion Business & Lifestyle You Love!

Become a Fashion Star: Create A Fashion Business & Lifestyle You Love!